“A boatload of fun anchored by some solid tunes”.

Cameron Boon, Centralian Advocate.

“The rockinist little van to travel the bitumin seas. The sea gals run a rowdy sing-a-long ship with wheels. If your lucky it’ll dock in your pond real soon”.

David Batty

The S.S. SingSong is a karaoke caravan – a karaokevan – a cruise ship hosted by crooning karaoke captains.

This small caravan has been transformed in to an ocean cruise liner – a pleasure ship of the high seas.

There ain’t a soul on the high seas that doesn’t love to get loose on the mic with their first mates – the intimacy of the S.S. SingSong unleashes many a diva as groups of friends cram in for the cheesy daggy goodness of karaoke.

The cheery interior, the welcoming shine of the captains and the vast selection of karaoke options combine to make this micro venue a total smash hit with festival goers every where we have docked.

The S.S. SingSong also doubles as an installation as people crowd around to watch the joy taking place inside the van.