The S.S. SingSong was made possible by the generous support of the following wonderful folks via our pozible campaign in late 2012.

We shout out our everlasting love and gratitude to;

Grace Pundyk
kirsten Blair
Bec Glen
Jojoh Nyx
Andrew Moulton
Chrissie Bernasconi
Georgia Webster
Luk?°?° Peƒçinka
Cecily Hardy
Shannon Huber
Kevin Smith
Matt D’penguin
Erin Farley
Andrew Lowenthal
Marian Prickett
Drew Spaceman
Rosemary Kelly
Sophia Marinos
Ben Foley
Ian Pidd
Melissa Kerl
Lucy Griffiths
Helena De Carlos
Leanne Minshull
Jessica Kendall
Nicky Schonkala
Al Oldfield
Oli Furness
Alex Hilvert
Kat Hope
Jade Lillie
Jennifer Mills
Scott De Large
Ali Donnellan
Patricia Hay
Fee Plumley
Hannah May Caspar
Kieren Sanderson
Gail Woods
Tim Collins
Danielle Eisenblatter
Angela Percival
Natalie Davey
Amy Hardingham
Soo Chook and Ellen Ripley
Lyn Heazlewood
Shannon Owen
Anna Meltzer
Zoe Nelson
Deborah Kelly
Tara Prowse
Lyn Broadway-Hill
Nicole Pietsch
Maggie Turnbull
Suzy Bates
Pip Kelly Varela
Jane Wave Camilleri
Beatrix Juana Quiogue
Kate Fielding
Shady xx
Tim Bishop
Deb Myers
Hilary Tyler
Shannyn Palmer
Andrew Viney
Diana James
Robyn Frances
Asha Bee
Sarah Cooky
Genevieve Dugard
Elliat Rich
Antony McMullen
You Bloody Little Beaut
Kati Cubby
Aneke McCulloch
Melita Jane

 May you all sail well through the seas of life!